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Aluminum Screw Caps by Subermex

A screw cap is a metal cap that screws onto threads on the neck of a bottle, generally with a metal skirt down the neck to resemble the traditional wine capsule ("foil"). A layer of plastic (often PVDC), cork, rubber, or other soft material is used as wad to make a seal with the mouth of the bottle. Its use as a wine closure is gaining increasing support as an alternative to cork for sealing wine bottles.

Aluminum "pilfer-proof" screw caps have a wide range of applications and sizes. We offer closures with a diameter from 18 to 43mm and a height from 12 to 60mm. They are used for sealing bottles with various capacities, starting from 50ml to a gallon (4.54 l).

Whilst screw caps are mainly used for bottling spirits, closures with the dimensions 31.5×24mm and 31.5×44mm with olive oil pourers are also used for sealing olive oil and closures with 28×15.4mm with PVC compound can be used for bottling carbonated drinks.

Lately, screw caps for bottling wines have become a good alternative to cork. They are becoming more and more popular for medium-quality, young and flavored wines. The advantages of using screw caps as a wine seal are:

  • they are easy to open and re-seal;
  • they prevent oxidation of the wine in the bottle;
  • they avoid flavor modification and eliminate the threat of a cork taint;
  • they are easy to use;
  • they are one product needing one process as opposed to cork and capsule;
  • they are less expensive than cork and capsule.

For the wine industry, Subermex offers the following types of aluminum screw caps, with different types of liners according to the requirements in the wine industry:

Code Size Torque
TRA-01 18,8 x 12,5 2 - 5
TRA-02 25,6 x 18,4 5 - 15
TRA-03 25,6 x 33 5 - 15
TRA-04 28,6 x 16,8 5 - 14
TRA-05 28,7 x 15 5 - 15
TRA-06 29,5 x 21,2 5 - 15
TRA-07 29,5 x 21,9 5 - 20
TRA-08 30 x 35 5 - 15

Measurements in D x L (mm). Torque in Inches - pound (in - lb).

Code Size Torque
TRA-09 30 x 35 5 - 20
TRA-10 30 x 44,1 5 - 20
TRA-11 30 x 50 5 - 20
TRA-12 30 x 60 6 - 20
TRA-13 31,5 x 50 5 - 20
TRA-14 31,5 x 60 5 - 20
TRA-15 38 x 16,49 5 - 20
TRA-16 38 x 17,3 5 - 20

Measurements in D x L (mm). Torque in Inches - pound (in - lb).

Screw Caps by Sumbermex
Other Information

Benefits and concerns. Compared to cork, screw caps reduce the wine faults of oxidation and of cork taint, although it is possible to find TCA contamination in a screw cap bottle. They are generally perceived as easier to open and have a much lower failure rate than cork, and in theory, will allow a wine to reach the customer in perfect condition, with a minimum of bottle variation. Cork, of course, has a centuries-old tradition behind it, and there are also concerns about the impact of aluminum screw caps on the aging, of those few wines that require decades to be at their best. Some argue that the slow ingress of oxygen plays a vital role in aging a wine, while others argue that this amount is almost zero in a sound cork and that any admitted oxygen is harmful.

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