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Wine Corks

Natural Corck

Agglomerated Cork

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Wine Corks by Subermex
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Tapered Corks

Natural Corck

Agglomerated Cork

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Tapered Corks by Subermex
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Mushroom Corks

All sizes available

Agglomerated Cork

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Mushroom Corks by Subermex
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Synthetic Corks

Cylindrical Synthetic Stoppers

Tapered Synthetic Stoppers

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Synthetic Corks by Subermex
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Plastic Plugs

Plastic plugs for wine bottles and spirits

Manufactured in one piece

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Plastic Stoppers by Subermex
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Barrel Bungs

Barrel Bungs

All sizes available

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Barrel Bungs by Subermex
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Wooden Tops

Wooden Tops or T-Corks with wood top, available with or without cork stopper.

Wooden Tops for Cognac bottles

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Wooden Tops by Subermex
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Plastic Caps

Plastic Caps or T-Corks in any color and finish

Plastic Caps for any type or cork

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Plastic Caps by Subermex
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Aluminum Caps

Aluminum Caps for corks

Available with or without cork

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Aluminum Caps by Subermex
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Made in PVC, Aluminum and Tin

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Capsules by Subermex
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Screw Caps

Aluminum Screw Caps

Available in any color and size

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Screw Caps by Subermex
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Metallic Wirehoods for bottles

Manufactured in any shape, size and color

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wirehoods by Subermex
Wirehoods by Subermex Visit: wirehoods by Subermex

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All our products are certified and aproved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and other European organizations.

We can also manufacture any of our products based on your requirements and in any size and shape, upon request.